Construction of Liquid Cargo Dock 6 and Rehabilitation of Liquid Cargo Dock 3

The Port of Brownsville will construct a new liquid cargo dock, Liquid Cargo Dock 6, and rehabilitate Liquid Cargo Dock 3 to improve and expand marine delivery and shipment of refined petroleum products including asphalt, gasoline, and low-sulfur diesel fuel. This project includes three components:

  1. Liquid Cargo Dock 6 includes dredging the berth area, construction of a bulkhead at the shoreline, placement of pile-supported mooring and breasting structures, a pile-supported concrete loading platform, upland pavement, pipe bridges, and a dock house.
  2. Repairs and enhancements to Liquid Cargo Dock 3.
  3. Maintenance dredging of nine existing docks.

Contractor: Triton Marine Construction Corporation
Projected date of completion: 18-24 months

Administration Complex Rehabilitation and Building additions

The Port of Brownsville has begun the rehabilitation of existing buildings and construction of new buildings for the administration facilities at 1000 Foust Road. This project includes three components:

  1. Rehabilitation of two existing pods; bringing buildings up to code and installation of state-of-the-art technology.
  2. Construction of new pod, which will include a new boardroom, new parking area, and access to facilities.
  3. Construction of new permit office.

Contractor: Ziwa Corporation
Projected date of completion: 18-20 months