The port that works

The Port of Brownsville is the only deepwater port located on the U.S.-Mexico Border. With approximately 40,000 acres of land available for development and 17 miles of waterfront access, the port offers a direct route to non-congested international bridge crossings and rail connections.

The Port of Brownsville handles a wide variety of cargo including steel products, liquid, break bulk, and dry bulk commodities. With the facilities and knowledge to handle international cargo, we facilitate efficient movement of goods between the United States and Mexico.

Our leadership understands the importance of balancing business with environmental stewardship. Providing a safe, secure, and environmentally-friendly location for international trade is a top priority. We focus on what matters most to our customers and consistently deliver the most outstanding service.

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It is the mission of the Port of Brownsville (Brownsville Navigation District) to be a leader in business development by providing state-of-the-art infrastructure expansion, developing economic opportunities, providing the best transportation facilities possible, and exhibiting high standards of public administration with the ultimate goal being to improve quality of life and create employment opportunities, gain the public’s trust and confidence in order to increase growth development, and establish the port as a world class port.

Key projects

The Port of Brownsville is in the process of constructing a new liquid cargo dock, Liquid Cargo Dock 6, and rehabilitating Liquid Cargo Dock 3, to improve and expand marine delivery and shipment of refined petroleum products including asphalt, gasoline, and low-sulfur diesel fuel.

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Our History

At the turn of the 20th Century, Commodore Louis Cobolini had a vision of establishing a deepwater seaport to serve the residents of South Texas. Cobolini imagined the port would bring significant economic impact to a predominantly agricultural region. He foresaw ocean shipping as vital to the future of the Rio Grande Valley, and led the effort to establish a deepwater port.

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Economic Impact Statement

The Port of Brownsville is a vital asset to the regional economy. An economic impact study by Martin Associates released August 2019 reports the port is responsible for more than 51,000 jobs and $3 billion in annual state economic activity, with more than 8,500 Rio Grande Valley workers directly employed by activities of the port.

The Economic Impacts of the Port of Brownsville