Vendor Registration

The Texas Legislature passed two pieces of legislation in 2007 and 2015 that affect the relationship between the Brownsville Navigation District and its vendors. The BND Board of Commissioners has incorporated these new requirements into the District’s Code of Ethics.

The District, following State of Texas guidelines, requires that any vendor seeking to do business with the Brownsville Navigation District file certain documents on an annual basis to be awarded a purchase contract or a purchase order for goods or services. These forms are:

Vendor Registration Form

These forms must be re-filed on an annual basis. Copies of the required forms and a full copy of the Code of Ethics are available on this page.

Conflict of Interest Questionnaires may also be found at the Texas Ethics Commission website at:

Conflict of Interest Questionnaires must be filed with regard to the Brownsville Navigation District “local government officers,” which include the Navigation District Commissioners, the Port Director and CEO, and the Deputy Port Director.

Completed forms are to be sent to

Please contact Professional Accountant Belinda Martinez at should you have any questions regarding these forms.


Annual Vendor Notice

Vendor Registration Form

Conflict of Interest Form

IRS Form W-9 for the BND

Purchase Order Terms

BND Code of Ethics

BND Procurement Policies and Procedures

Email address for submission of invoices and Accounts Payable inquiries: