Port of Brownsville Signs MOU with Cameron County to Grow Economic Opportunity

BROWNSVILLE, Texas — As a catalyst for economic development and job growth, the Brownsville Navigation District (BND) Board of Commissioners signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Cameron County to work together on business expansion opportunities.

“The Port of Brownsville and Cameron County have always enjoyed a cooperative working relationship when it comes to growing and strengthening the local and regional economy,” said John Wood, BND Chairman. “Activity at the Port of Brownsville has a $2 billion economic impact regionally, and Cameron County is working diligently to attract capital investment and industry. It makes sense that we would combine our efforts to improve the county’s economic viability.”

A 2015 economic impact study by Martin Associates, revealed activity at the port has an economic impact of $3 billion to the state of Texas.

Cameron County Judge Eddie Treviño stated, “the Port of Brownsville is the backbone of our local economy. The economic output that is generated from activity at the port today and tomorrow, is a critical component for the future of our county and region. On behalf of the county, I am pleased that this strategic alliance and partnership is in place as we move forward together. Cameron County’s intermodal connectivity, international bridges and deepwater seaport make it a competitive and attractive region for trade and commerce.”

“Both Cameron County and the Port of Brownsville have had long-term strategies regarding economic development. This MOU is an opportunity for both entities to join together when appropriate to propel this area forward to attract greater economic advantages,” said Cameron County Precinct 1 Commissioner Sofia Benavides.

The MOU, signed by the BND Board at its regular meeting Tuesday, October 11, 2017, is a nonbinding agreement, but formalizes a long-standing business relationship between Cameron County and the Port of Brownsville.