Building the Future: Port of Brownsville’s Business Park Takes Shape

BROWNSVILLE, Texas – Thursday, February 8, 2024 – Only months after the Brownsville Navigation District Board of Commissioners (BND) held a groundbreaking for the Port of Brownsville’s business park in June, prospective businesses are preparing to negotiate lease agreements with the port.

At a regular board meeting held Feb. 7, the BND Board of Commissioners unanimously voted to approve leasing rates for the business park. The competitive rates are aimed at attracting sustainable, high-quality companies to the port, ensuring its long-term success.

Hard at work, port staff from the Engineering and Facilities Maintenance departments have completed several construction milestones in-house for the 118-acre business park, including leveling the site and installing water/sewage pipes and fire hydrants.

The Port of Brownsville’s 40,000 acres make it a viable business center, attracting multi-billion-dollar projects and supporting diverse industries expanding their operations. From wind energy, and steel, to the space sector, the port is a hub of economic activity.

The business park is the BND’s latest infrastructure investment aimed at drawing industrial and manufacturing companies supporting the port’s mission to enhance workforce opportunities for the Rio Grande Valley.

The business park at the port is unprecedented, as no other facility in the region offers a strategic location near the Brownsville Ship Channel with direct truck and rail connectivity to an efficient logistical network that saves time and money.

Deep in south Texas, with room to grow, opportunities at the Port of Brownsville are limitless, providing companies the advantages of doing business in the Lone Star State.

Since 2015, Texas has attracted more than 288 corporate headquarters, according to the Texas Office of Governor Greg Abbott. During a visit to the Rio Grande Valley in August, Abbott touted the Port of Brownsville as the “centerpiece of future economic expansion for this entire region”.

“What’s going on at the port cannot be overstated. We are working and have been working with billion-dollar businesses that are expanding operations in the Port of Brownsville,” said Abbott. “This port is incredibly important as an international transfer point. It already provides well over 50,000 jobs and $3 billion in economic activity.”

As a leading maritime port for the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), the Port of Brownsville’s position along the U.S.-Mexico border makes it the optimum location for companies seeking to establish in Texas and northern Mexico and capitalize on the nearshoring trend.

Built for growing business, the Port of Brownsville and its business park are poised for peak performance in the years ahead. As industries evolve and global trade patterns shift, the port stands ready to adapt, ensuring it remains a driving force in the Texas economy.


Designed to streamline global supply chains, the Port of Brownsville’s business park offers 17 lots with all utilities, a foreign trade zone, and direct access to the USMCA Corridor.