Brownsville & Rio Grande International Railway Celebrates 40th Anniversary

The Brownsville & Rio Grande International Railway (BRG) commemorated 40 years of service to the Port of Brownsville in February. First formed in 1984 by the Brownsville Navigation District, the BRG provides consistent, safe and reliable service to Port of Brownsville users.

“On this landmark 40th anniversary of the Brownsville & Rio Grande International Railway, we pause to honor our rich history of growth, resilience, and partnership,” said BRG President Shariff Gonnella. “This anniversary serves as a pivotal moment to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our team, the trust of our partners, and the support of our community.”

From its modest beginnings with 17 employees, four locomotives, and 33 miles of track, BRG has experienced remarkable growth and success over the past four decades. In 2023, the BRG reported a record of more than 80,000 carloads. Top commodities moved by the BRG include steel, wind energy components, refined petroleum products, among other commodities.

“We are celebrating not just a 40-year milestone but also the beginning of the next chapter in BRG’s history, symbolizing a renewed commitment and vision for the future,” said Gonnella.

Since 2014, OmniTRAX, Inc., under agreement with the Port of Brownsville, has managed the BRG enhancing services for port rail users and connecting shippers and the port with three Class 1 railroads for access across North America.