Motus Energy Expands Its Brownsville Terminal Facilities to Support the Increased Movement of Commodities Between International Markets

Phase I of the expansion brings company’s total storage capacity in the region to nearly 900,000 barrels; Phase II will add an additional 700,000 barrels of storage and up to 125,000 barrels of liquified petroleum gas

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – Motus Energy LLC announced Sept. 29 the completion of the first phase of the company’s expansion project at its T1 and T2 terminals located in the Port of Brownsville, Texas. The company also executed multiple contracts with leading customers in the region, including independent and major energy corporations, in support of the expansion, which allows increased movement of commodities between the United States, Mexico and other international markets.

Phase one of the expansion project included the construction of eight new storage tanks with a total of 370,000 barrels of capacity, increasing total storage capacity at the facility to 890,000 barrels. The project also included the expansion of unloading capacity to as many as 78 railcars per day, as well as the installation of four new automated loading racks with a high-efficiency vapor control system, increasing the daily loading rack throughput to nearly 90,000 barrels per day. Upon completion, Motus can now receive, store, blend and deliver 215,000 barrels of clean products; 95,000 barrels of lubricants; 130,000 barrel of refined paraffin waxes; and 450,000 barrels of fuel oil.

The company’s terminal facilities are also connected to the Port of Brownsville’s liquid cargo dock and are capable of handling Panamax class vessels. Motus has the only high-volume marine loading system in the Port of Brownsville, with loading rates up to 20,000 barrels per hour.

“We have further improved our ability to efficiently export high-sulfur fuel oil from Mexico to international markets for further processing and conversion to clean motor fuels,” said Michael Gruener, Chief Executive Officer of Motus Energy. “This expansion increases our capabilities and improves access to more affordable fuel sources, which drives our objective of supporting our selected United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We look forward to furthering the diversification of our client and commodity slate, as we continue to provide market leadership in the energy transition.”

The Motus team recently completed the permitting for an additional expansion project at the T1 and T2 terminals, which will add another 700,000 barrels of multipurpose storage capacity and up to 125,000 barrels of liquid petroleum gas. The construction of Phase II is expected to commence within the next 60 days, with an estimated completion date of early to mid-2023. The company also completed the front end engineering and design for a specialized liquification plant to process and store high-purity methane.