2020 BND Turning Basin WWTP Clarifier Rehabilitation

Information provided in these specifications is to be used for the purpose of submitting a bid detailing costs of providing: 2020 BND TURNING BASIN WWTP CLARIFIER REHABILITATION in the property of the Brownsville Navigation District. It is further expected that each bidder will read these specifications with care, since failure to meet each condition or a combination of specified conditions may invalidate the bid.

The Brownsville Navigation District reserves the right to reject any or all bids or any portion thereof and to accept the bid deemed to be in the best interests of and provide the best value to the District. Bidders are required to submit bids on the basis of these specifications. Any exceptions to terms requested herein must be clearly noted in writing and be included as a part of the bid.
The District believes that the data contained in these specifications is sufficient for the preparation of bids. The information is believed to be accurate and is based upon the latest available information, but it is not to be considered in any way as a warranty. Requests for additional information should be directed in writing to Mr. Ariel Chávez II, P.E./R.P.L.S., Director of Engineering Services, 1000 Foust Road, Brownsville, TX 78521, or by calling (956) 831-4592 (main office) or (956) 592-3973 (cel).